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What is the difference between leadership and management

by / 2nd May 2020

It’s a known fact that everyone wants to achieve great things at work, and getting higher on the ladder usually requires becoming someone more senior. Because of this, you’ve no

Resilience in leadership

by / 2nd April 2020

Leadership and resilience In the workplace, many have indicated the importance of resilience as a leadership trait due to resilient leaders being seen as more effective overall. Required in many

Apprenticeship Levy Changes for 2020 for Small Businesses

by / 2nd March 2020

Here at Bright Direction Training, we want to ensure that everyone is up to date on all the important changes happening around them. One thing that happens year after year

Leadership in Health and Safety

by / 2nd March 2020

Regardless of where you work, you’ll have heard of health and safety. And, if you’re wondering ‘how many employees do you need to have a health and safety policy’, the

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