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Thinking About Welfare At Work: A Look At Workplace Stress

by / 4th April 2019

Workplace stress is a prominent matter. With 61% of employees having suffered mental health issues due to it, businesses simply can’t neglect the issue. But how do you actually deal

Understanding organisational communication in the workplace

by / 18th March 2019

Everyone’s talking about it. But what is organisational communication, and why is it so important? Put simply, it’s all the communication that takes place within a business or organisation. Emails,

Bright Direction Training… ‘The story so far….

by / 21st January 2019

Here at Bright Direction Training, we’ve just celebrated our 8th Birthday. Yet it seems like only yesterday that founder and MD Jamie MacGregor, disillusioned with his job at an SME

What Do Level 5 Operations/Departmental Manager Apprenticeships Offer?

by / 16th December 2018

A leadership and management apprenticeship is an effective route when moving into senior management. It’s suited to a very specific level of manager, and there is a standard to the

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