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Everything You Need To Know About ILM Qualifications

Becoming a leader or a manager can be a great accomplishment. Your promotion is more than likely due to the fact that you excelled in your previous role. However, the skills, knowledge and behaviours that you have previously developed may not be enough to make the transition from worker to leader. To be a good or great leader/manager you will need to shift your focus and acquire a new set of skills in order to make that transition.

Benefits of ILM qualifications

ILM qualifications provide a well-established framework that will assist your personal and professional development into the world of management. Before embarking on a course of study, we should ask ourselves a simple question: “what’s the WIFM Factor?”. Quite simply, what’s in it for me? What benefits can an ILM qualification bring for me?

ILM qualifications can develop a range of management skills that are refined and put into a real working environment and the programmes will allow you to greatly enhance your skills and abilities to motivate your team with confidence and assurance. Understanding the theory and principles of both managing and leading will underpin your personal growth. The confidence you have gained will allow you to make informed decisions and lead from the front.

You may also want to ask yourself a second question “what’s the WIFO factor?” Again, quite simply: what’s in it for my organisation? With managers and leaders, properly developed organisations can look forward to increased productivity. With their leaders and managers developed through ILM comes their ability to implement business strategies, communicate organisational strategy and vision, effectively control internal conflict and motivate their teams.

ILM management apprenticeships

ILM offers a wide range of qualifications through award, certificate and diploma programmes from Level 2 Team Leader up to Level 5 Leading and Managing.

They also offer the Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor and the Level 5 Operational Manager Diplomas that are designed perfectly to align with the leadership and management elements of the Trail Blazer apprenticeships, the latter providing the ideal opportunity to develop managers through the Apprenticeship systems. Levy paying organisations can access 100% of their payments whilst those who fall under the Levy system can get 90% funding through the governments co-funding model.

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The Management Apprenticeships develop knowledge skills and behaviours across the following units:

  • Leading people: We will look at different leadership styles and their positive and negative influences, coaching and mentoring the benefits of coaching in the workplace together with a look at organisational culture and our responsibilities under current equality legislation.
  • Managing people: We will consider the difference between people management and managing teams together with the benefits of cross-team working. We will further examine a range of motivational theory and the importance of team dynamics. You will demonstrate how you develop team members to improve performance. The aim is to be able to set and agree on operational goals and monitor performance to meet strategic objectives.
  • Building relationships: We will undertake stakeholders analysis and develop the skills and behavior necessary to build effective working relationships. We will also spend some time understanding emotional intelligence at work and the importance of dealing and managing conflict.
  • Communication: We will evaluate our interpersonal communication skills and analyse how different forms of communication can help or hinder the process. We will consider how we can overcome the barriers to effective communication in the workplace allowing us the ability to communicate effectively across a range of formats.
  • Operational management: We will examine the process of developing organisational strategy and how our teams contribute to the overall organisational mission and values. We will further consider the impacts of change and how we can successfully implement and manage change. Data management will also feature in this unit and allow us to analyse data to inform decisions making
  • Problem Solving: We will be able to understand the nature, scope and impact of the problems we face in the workplace and use a range of problem-solving techniques to solve a work based problem. This interactive unit will involve the completion of a work based project in real time to manage and resolve a problem.
  • Project Management: Supported by a range of theory, this unit will offer the chance to put theory into practice by implementing a problem solving assignment and managing that as a project.
  • Finance: No project can run without the knowledge that surrounds finance. With a good understanding of financial governance and the concept of value for money, this unit will teach the participants to be able to make decisions based on financial information.
  • Self-Awareness: Self awareness being is key to personal development, and therefore this unit will  look at unconscious bias and the benefits of feedback using reflective practice to identify areas where we can truly develop.
  • Management of Self: Time management, personal goal setting, management of own development will ensure participants to grow and develop into greater leaders and managers.

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Choosing a training provider for your ILM Qualification

Here at Bright Direction Training, we are an accredited ILM Centre offering the full range of qualifications.  All our training is delivered by highly qualified staff with extensive experience in the world of business and management.  Our focus is to believe in the people and organisations we work with to provide the highest quality of teaching and learning. We can support both business and individual needs with our unique client-focused approach.

In the words of Richard Branson:

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to”

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