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How upskilling your staff can build your Companies defences against Covid

We are all in exceptionally unsure and testing times – HR specialists are now beginning to get their workforce ready now, for what is probably going to be an altogether different tomorrow.

Upskilling your current workforce is not just empowering for the individual and can help to prepare for an ongoing new way of working, but can also have huge benefits for your organisation in these difficult times.

Three ways upskilling can benefit your organisation:

1. Getting ready for a new era of work

It’s almost incomprehensible to conceive the affects which Covid-19 has already had on the landscape of work and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  New ways of working/ homeworking, liaising with colleagues and clients will continue to change as we navigate through this new working landscape.  Like-wise, client’s requirements, perspectives and needs will also continue to change.  It’s unlikely we will ever work in the same way again.

Although the unknown can feel extremely daunting and worrying – is there a light at the end of the tunnel?   By preparing/ managing and accepting these inevitable changes which Covid has brought about, there is an opportunity to improve internal efficiencies/ processes and more importantly plan for this new future of your business and the people who are in it, carrying everyone through the pandemic as one team with one goal – to ensure you are in a stronger position once it’s passed.

2. Employee motivation

As most HR Specialists will tell you about the benefits of upskilling, it can have a powerful impact on an employee’s sense of well-being.  It makes that employee feel valued and part of the wider organisation’s future plans.  It gives assurances to an individual in these incredibly uncertain times.

Although we have all had to adjust to new ways of working, this has given employees the opportunity to learn new skills and adapt in ways they may not have thought possible which can have a positive affect on self-esteem.  This positivity which upskilling your staff can create also cascades down to your wider workforce.  When employees see an organisation taking the time and investment to develop their staff – this can be hugely inspirational to other individuals and gives a sense of pride in an organisation at a time when they may be feeling justifiability flat and demotivated because of Covid-19.

3. Adapting to current, ever-changing demands

Whether members of your staff are working with a more streamlined team, covering for illness or have completely changed the way they are delivering a service/ selling a product – it’s likely they have had to learn new processes and fast!  As we’ve discussed, although these new demands can cause confusion and anxiety, channelled in the right way – they can also be incredibly beneficial to the individual and the business as a whole.

HR specialists who upskill their staff now, have the opportunity to address any concerns from the outset, implement any changes to your current processes now rather than later and better prepare your team to adapt for undoubtedly, more changes to come.  The new skills and knowledge members of your team have, may not only help your business to continue to adapt and work more efficiently in these uncertain times, but can also add to your business’s profitability through innovation and growth.

Bright Direction Training

Bright Direction Training have a proved track record of working with HR Specialists, successfully developing their teams and organisations throughout this pandemic.  We pride ourselves on working closely with both the individual to ensure their personal learning goals are met whilst working closely with organisations to ensure all training is aligned with their overall goals and business strategy. 

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