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Mick Chew

Non Executive Director

 What is the best thing about working at BDT?

I want us to always improve the quality of our teaching and learning. The best thing about working at BDT is the solid commitment that everyone has towards achieving continuous improvement. The services we provide through the courses we deliver is all about the learner and we always find ways to assist and develop even the most challenging learner. That gives me a sense of pride.

How has working for a training provider improved your own personal development?

Every day is a school day and most times there is something new to learn. The journey travelled since the beginning of BDT, through my own personal development, has been immense. Open-mindedness is the key to embracing personal development and my willingness to be non-judgmental and to challenge my negative thoughts have done much to assist me when using my skills within the learning environment.

Greatest achievement at work

Over the last two years, I have been responsible for quality assurance and during that time all our tutors and staff have given me great support. Sometimes, the development of teaching and learning strategies, the standardisation of assessment of learning and the challenges of supporting tutors have not been easy. However, the progress made and the quality of our training has improved massively. This is a great achievement for every one of our staff who has contributed towards quality improvement and put up with me being grumpy.

Do you enjoy working and supporting the local community around Bolton?

Well absolutely! Recently, I was visiting a poorly friend in Royal Bolton Hospital. As I was leaving man came and tapped me on the shoulder. He had been a learner in one of my employability classes. ‘I thought it was you,’ he said ‘I have been working here now for 2 years.’ We chatted for a few minutes and although I confess I couldn’t remember him that well, he obviously remembered BDT. He asked that he be remembered to all the staff and thanked them for the help and support he received.  ‘I was out of work for years before I came to you lot.’

What is there not to like!!!

When is the best thing about being a member of the BDT team?

Just working with decent people with shared values. The drive and energy about the place is infectious. Great place to work.

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